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Realizing Forests as Communities: Mother Trees, Mycelium and More

Our ancestors observed and learned from the trees and animals, the sun and the stars. They viewed themselves as part of nature; related to everything around them.  And understood that that even though these relatives were very different from them; they were also incredibly wise.   I believe we all carry their memories in our bodies and an innate ability to reconnect with our more than human relatives.  Time spent exploring and integrating modern science with our deep connection to the natural world is important to our mental, spritiual and physical well-being.     

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Please join me to wander and learn about forests as complex communities that are remarkably intelligent in ways very different from humans. 

Forests are communities, so much more than we understood even a few years ago.  Recent research has documented that older trees, sometimes called mother trees, feed younger trees. During droughts they also draw water from deep in the ground to shar. Trees warn trees of approaching pests; they plan together the years they will bear more seeds and so much more.  Our ancestors living in the forest understood this; that trees formed communities with councils and workers and protectors.  Can we?

We will wander through the woods exploring the ideas of the past and the present to reach a deeper understanding and perhaps form new connections to trees and other neighbors who are part of the more than human world.

Length: 2-3 hours, clear skies to moderate rain.

Locations: Walks can be scheduled at  Sebago Lake Land Reserve in Standish, Clifford Park in Biddeford, Two Lights or Crescent Beach State Parks in Cape Elizabeth,  or Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal (near Freeport). Other locations are possible provided permission to lead a walk on the property is granted by the land owner.  This is often possible on state and town parks and lands. Properties that are privately held or owned by nonprofit organizations are also possible on a case by case basis. 


January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024

$45 per person 2-3 hour walk twelve or more participants

$50 per person 2-3 hour walk, seven to eleven participants

$60 per person 2-3 hour walk three - six participants

$85 per person2-3 hours one-two participants.

Available daily based on availability.  Must be reserved

a minimum of three days in advance.


Half day and full day flat rates provided upon request.  These are generally used when the cost of the walk is paid for by an organization and individuals participate at no cost.

Next Step: Click on the button below to fill out a form and we'll schedule a walk.


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