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Earth Ball and Other Games for Groups

Fifty years ago the new games movement led to the creation of group games that emphasized the power of play, empowerment, cooperation, healthy competition and joy. While the movement itself is largely forgotten; there is a legacy of incredibly fun games to explore.


 Play Fair, Play Safe, Have Fun!

There are many new games to choose.  Some--such as flying Dutchman, catch the dragon, rattlers and knots--require no special props.  A parachutes is needed to play mushroom, sharks and lifeguards, wave, chute switch and more. Games using the 6' Earthball include minefield, puzzle relay and relay foot pass.


Based on the age, location and goals for your gathering; a series of games will be selected tailored to your event. 




New games require a large level open space

Length: 2-3 hours, clear skies to moderate rain.

Time: Daily--mid morning or early afternoon.

Locations: To be determined  based on your preferred location in southern Maine  and availability of suitable space.  Various locations are possible provided permission is granted by the land owner.   This is often possible on state and town parks and lands. Properties that are privately held or owned by nonprofit organizations are also possible on a case by case basis. 


January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024

Minimum of 6 participants

$45 per person 1-2  hour session twelve or more participants

$50 per person 1-2  hour session, seven to eleven participants

$55 per person 1-2  hour session six participants

Available daily based on availability.  Must be reserved

a minimum of three days in advance.

Half day and full day flat rates provided upon request.  These are generally used when it is paid for by an organization and individuals participate at no cost.

Next Step: Click on the button below to fill out a form and we'll start planning!

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Everyone is welcome!

The forests, mountains, lakes and oceans are our ancestral homes.  I believe they are part of your home regardless of race,  gender, religion,  sexual orientation,  or culture.  My heart tells me this: and I am absolutely certain nature would agree. If you are interested in coming on a walk; then I am delighted to be your guide. 

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