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Goodbye Winter

I am enjoying the longer days and looking forward to spring and growing things. It’s coming. I hear it in the birdsong every morning, see it where the buds swell on the trees and smell it in the sweetness of maple sap boiling to syrup in our kitchen.

I want spring to come but I will miss winter. Here are some photos I took this to explain why.....

I love to hike down to the Presumpscot river listening to the water and watching how the sun illuminates the snow o the trees and rocks.

I examine the incredible shapes that ice crystals form just over the water.

My friend of many years waits patiently when I pause to look and listen, smell and touch.

It's fun to look for tracks, especially when there is something uncommon to discover like fisher tracks.

Or the pattern of feet and tailfeathers where a crow has landed in search of food.

Snowshoeing right after a snowstorm at dusk; it's easy to feel a little lost and a big relief to rediscover the trail.

There is a sense of discovery when I find there are still green things growing at the edge of the snow where springs well up out of the ground.

It's fun to play with shadows on the snow!

And to find the first undeniable sign that spring is on it's way!

Yes, I will miss winter. But there is so much to look forward to as the seasons change.

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