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Heart Wisdom

Our hearts beat continuously sending blood throughout our bodies and working in harmony with our other organs to keep us alive. When you think about it; the human heart is pretty amazing.

But it’s so much more.

The heart is the seat of emotional intelligence. When you feel strong emotions; where do those emotions lie most heavily in you body: in you head? Or in your heart? Our hearts contain neurons just like the brain. The neurons in the heart can sense, feel, learn and remember just like the brain and they are constantly talking to the neurons in the brain.

When we are feeling positive emotions; it affects the rhythms or our heart by improving our overall health. The brain and heart become aligned with a flow of awareness and understanding that we may interpret as intuition. Modern western civilization has prioritized rational deductive thinking over intuition. Perhaps it would be healthier for our minds and bodies and souls to adopt a more balanced approach.

It is good to spend time listening to our hearts. I find this hard to do inside. I like to find a peaceful place outdoors to wander and relax and then imagine holding a conversation with my heart.

What does my heart want to share?

Where does it want to wander?

What does it dream of?

What can we do together to rejoice; be playful; feed our soul?

It is easy to find a great deal of science and advice on how to support your heart’s intelligence and use it to align your physical, emotional and intellectual health.

My heart understands all that; and frankly it just makes it weary. Because my heart?

It just wants to have fun!

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