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Explore the natural world through all you senses! Improve your physical, mental, and physical health.

Providing  Forest Bathing/Shinrin Yoku /Forest Therapy Guided Experiences,

nature walks, photography walks, night walks and more.
Interested in scheduling a walk?  Follow this link. If you planning a stay at Hidden Pond Luxury Resort or the Tides Beach Club, please follow this link. If you have questions, please email me directly 
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Connect to Wilderness

An Invitation to slow down and open your senses

 Take a Walk with a Forest Therapy Guide

For millennia our  ancestors had a close connection to nature.  Sadly this has been largely severed as people become increasingly isolated from the natural world.  It’s perhaps not surprising then that research shows being in nature, particularly forests, improves health, creativity and concentration. Some scientists have even discovered that the concept of an ‘internet’ is not new.  Trees have had an internet for millions of years.  So what’s Nature’s internet like?  Can humans somehow ‘log-on’?  Perhaps a slow walk submerging ourselves in the forest will further enhance the benefits of spending time in nature. Please join me on a forest therapy/forest bathing walk to explore these and other ideas.

Alternative immersive experiences in nature include nature walks, night walks, and photography walks.

Everyone is Welcome!

The forests, mountains, lakes and oceans are our ancestral homes.  I believe they are part of your home regardless of race,  gender, religion,  sexual orientation,  or culture.  My heart tells me this: and I am absolutely certain nature would agree. If you are interested in coming on a walk; then I am delighted to be your guide. 



Boost Your Immune System

Aromatic oils released by trees  increase the activity of the body’s natural killer cells.

Lower Blood Pressure

Among other documented  changes that affect blood pressure, sympathetic nerve activity is reduced.

Improve Mental Clarity

Measurable improvements in creative problem solving have been documented

Enhance Creativity

In nature, the brain is more open to reflect, daydream and wonder, which boosts creativity.As study published in 2012 documented, systematic changes in higher-level cognitive function associated with immersion in nature.


Cortisol a stress hormone is reduced - just one of the documented stress reducing benefits


Re-establish and explore the spiritual relationship our ancestors had with the natural world.

Mobility Issues

Forest therapy 'walks' can be adapted.  If you or a person in your party has mobility or other issues; contact me directly and we can make adjustments. There are accessible trails in the area.  It is also possible to do a "walk" from a static location and even inside if that is the best alternative.

For more information about the health benefits visit the Association of Forest and Therapy Guides and Programs Science page.

take a walk with a guide
Upcoming Events

Reserve your ticket for a public walk or schedule your own private walk.  Social distancing policies will be followed during walks based on the most current state guidance.   All equipment will be cleaned after use.   Whether you choose to join a walk or not; I encourage you to take time every day to go outside and wander, even if it's just a walk in your  yard or sitting on the doorstep breathing the fresh air, soaking in the sunlight and noticing with all your senses everything around you. To register for walks when they are scheduled, go to the Calendar.

Want to Host A Forest Therapy Guided Walk? A nature, photography, or night walk?

Jeanne can work you to lead a forest therapy guided walk designed for you and your friends or professional colleagues. She can lead a walk during a conference or workshop, hold wellness walk for employees, celebrate a birthday or upcoming wedding or simply have a walk friends. To find out more visit here  and contact her!

Other activities that can be scheduled include: The Language of Nature/Healing Plants Walk, Night Walk, Photography Walk, Forest Guided Garden Consultation and Forest Bathing with Your Dog.

Meet Jeanne

Meet Jeanne Christie

Hello!  My name is Jeanne Christie. I am a Certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs as well as a Registered Maine Guide with extensive outdoor experience including hiking,  camping, trail running, backpacking, canoeing, skiing, snowshoeing and more.  If you want to go fast, I'm not a good fit.  If you want to go slow: get close with nature and develop deep connections, please explore this website and sign up below to get on the Connect to Wilderness mailing list.

Here is a little more about my qualifications.    Maine Master Naturalist, Certified Interpretive Guide, Volunteer leader Maine Chapter Appalachian Mountain Club for over a decade. Current in Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification. Wilderness Education Association Graduate.  I am also president of the Maine Wilderness Guides Organization.

I also have many years of experience supporting protection of our nation's natural resources. You can find out more about it at Christie Consulting Services, LLC or by reading about me in Portland Magazine's November 2019 issue  about the 10 Most Intriguing People in Maine.


What Clients Say

"We had a fantastic time on our guided hike." 
                            - Laurel Fountain

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